Revision of Directive on Maritime accident investigation

EESC opinion: Revision of Directive on Maritime accident investigation

Key points

 The EESC:

  • supports the objectives of providing Member States' accident investigation bodies with further legal clarity and capacity to improve their operations and timely reporting. In particular, cooperation and mutual assistance of EU Member States in safety investigations should be stepped up in light of new maritime security challenges;
  • stresses the crucial role of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) in providing training to Member States' competent authorities with regard to new technologies, energy sources for propulsion, manoeuvring, operation and sustainability issues;
  • welcomes the reference in the proposed Directive to fair treatment of seafarers in the case of maritime accidents to avoid the unfair criminalisation of the profession. Maritime workers are respected professionals and it is important to highlight that they play a critical role in the management and implementation of safe operations. In this respect, the dissemination of accident reports to a wide audience and fast implementation of their recommendations should therefore be further developed in collaboration with the industry and social partners.