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Oct 25, 2023 Oct 26, 2023

Every year in February, the EESC adopts an opinion on Annual Sustainable Growth Survey, which the Commission usually presents at the end of November in the year before. The Committee works under tight deadlines, in anticipation of the referral, to finalise the opinion before the March Council discussion on the topic. To reinforce the Committee's impact throughout the entire European Semester, an own-initiative opinion with additional considerations is regularly produced by October taking into account the overall European Semester, which plays a central role in implementing the Recovery and Resilience Facility and is vital in current discussions about the review of the EU macro-economic governance framework.

V pripravi (updated on 17/08/2023)

While European policies often aim to foster innovation, they sometimes inadvertently create obstacles for research and development (R&D) initiatives.

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The future Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union asked the EESC to provide their insights on the rethinking of the internal market in light of the acceleration of the Union’s twin transitions towards a green and digital economy and on crafting a European Industrial Strategy that positions industries as the backbone of Europe's economy.

V pripravi (updated on 11/08/2023)

The Belgian presidency would like the EESC to provide an opinion on how to tackle poverty through social innovation and the development of the social economy. This opinion will highlight the reforms needed to adapt the regulatory frameworks and to ensure sufficient financing for social economy initiatives.