Official visit of the EESC president to Morocco

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On the 29th of November president Dassis met with the head of the Moroccan government, Abdel-Ilah Benkirann. Among other things, the topic of discussion included underlining the importance of civil society participation in the political dialogue and the value of consultative institutions.

The meeting took place in the framework of Mr Dassis official visit to Morocco during which he also met the President of the Moroccan economic, social and environmental council Mr Baraka. The two presidents discussed possible topics for common work, building on the good relations existing between the two institutions while several joint actions were highlighted for the months to come.

During his stay in the country, Mr Dassis also met with the Moroccan environment minister, Ms El Haite, to address the follow-up of the EESC participation and work on the COP22, which took place earlier this month in Morocco.