Meeting of Georges Dassis with Dr. Hans-Gert Poettering

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On 29 June the President of the European Economic and Social Committee met with Dr. Hans-Gert Poettering, former President of the European Parliament (EP) and Chairman of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung political foundation and they discussed the project of the House of European History. Dr. Poettering served as MEP from 1979 until 2014, while in 2007 was elected as President of the EP for two and a half years and was the one that launched the project to create a House of European History, by saying that: "I should like to create a locus for history and for the future where the concept of the European idea can continue to grow".

Georges Dassis mentioned the importance of the House of European History as it will allow our children to learn about the hardship our forebears suffered in Europe by war and authoritarianism and appreciate the achievements of the EU since 1952.

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