Meeting between the EESC president and Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky

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On 31 May, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee held a meeting with Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, United Nations Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights. Mr Bohoslavsky was appointed by the Human Rights Council on 8 May 2014 and took up his duties on 2 June 2014.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr Bohoslavsky asked the EESC president how he understood and perceived social rights in Europe and asked about the impact of the economic adjustment measures that had been taken in recent years. Mr Dassis first noted that not all countries had been affected by austerity policies to the same extent, and he mentioned the example of Greece where, despite the implementation of such measures for several years, there was today zero percent growth, more debt and a sharp increase in poverty affecting a large proportion of the population. Furthermore, he mentioned the consequences of abolishing collective bargaining agreements, leading to the abuse of fundamental rights.

In conclusion, Georges Dassis referred to the EESC's recommendations to combat the economic crisis, such as the creation of a financial stability mechanism, the fight against tax evasion and offshore companies, debt mutualisation, and the taxation of financial transactions.