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The EESC has suggested that products which cannot be repaired should not be marketed in Europe, and that merely requiring producers to inform consumers when a product cannot be fixed is not enough.


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) held a public hearing to deliver suggestions on how to make EU climate diplomacy more effective. The participants discussed whether the EU should reconsider its approach towards climate diplomacy and identified ways to facilitate climate action and better coordination of related policies at all levels (European, national, regional and local).


The EESC provided its policy recommendations for a new generation of own resources for the EU budget. The opinion urged the Commission to first and foremost further develop the new set of rules that would govern corporate taxation in the EU (BEFIT). The EESC also suggested considering an EU-wide tax on digital transactions and an additional levy targeting companies importing products from third-country manufacturers that do not ensure proper protection of workers.


The European Commission has announced new measures to tackle human trafficking. This comes in response to a 2021 report assessing the effectiveness of the EU's 2001 Anti-Trafficking Directive, which found the response by Member States to be insufficient. The EESC opinion calls for a gender focus, greater support for victims, more accountability for companies, and improved monitoring mechanisms.