International Women's Day

This year’s commemoration of the International Women’s Day is marked by the covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Both events make it clear that women’s rights tumble-down during times of political, social and economic instability.

We have seen that women workers were hit harder by the loss of employment during the pandemic, unevenly affected in terms of work-life balance while teleworking and the domestic violence has risen during lockdowns. Structural inequalities that existed before the pandemics were made more acute.

The war reshuffles the priorities and the fight to survive has to come first. Women in their different roles; mothers, carers, workers, fighters, refugees, will suffer physically and psychologically and their only option is to keep resisting and move on.

This year on the 8th of March the EESC will hold a Conference that will be web streamed on the EESC webside and via facebook to highlight and debate different aspects of women in the labour market that will be high on the political agenda of the EU in the coming months. The eradication of violence against women, how gender stereotypes condition our education and career choices, a path towards an effective work life balance and how to foster women entrepreneurship.

The Trade Unions movement’s and the EESC Workers group’s will and duty is to stand in solidary with all the women whose survival and rights are currently under attack. Women of the world united to restore peace and build a fare and prosperous future for all!  

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