The fight against organised crime: Europe is in EESC president Georges Dassis goes to Campania to meet key figures in this battle

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The president of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Georges Dassis, will be in Casal di Principe, Caserta and Naples from 15 to 17 June to pledge Europe's full support for Campania's civil society which is combating organised crime. Mr Dassis has a heavy schedule, including:


Wednesday 15 June – Casal di Principe

  • 7 p.m.: meeting with the municipal council and other regional institutions (mayors, MPs, regional councillors, the president of Caserta’s Chamber of Commerce, Caserta industrial union, and trade unions)


Thursday 16 June – Caserta and Casal di Principe

  • 9 a.m.: meeting with students from Campania's universities for a discussion on +EUROPE +UNIVERSITY +CULTURE +LAW-ABIDING BEHAVIOUR, organised by the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Caserta, along with the mayor of Casal di Principe, Renato Natale
  • 4 p.m.: the regional officer for European policies, Serena Angioli, will be present for the opening of a new daycare facility on a site confiscated from the Camorra
  • 6 p.m.: visit to Casa Don Diana museum, with a workshop on Europe and young people, organised in connection with the Festival dell'impegno civile (festival celebrating civic engagement)


Friday 17 June - Naples

  • 12.30-1.30 p.m.: Mr Dassis will deliver a statement at Don Luigi Ciotti's inauguration of the Master's degree in analysing organised crime and strategies for reusing confiscated assets (Political Science department, Università Federico II)


The agenda for Naples also includes meetings with Campania's social partners, taking part in the 4th Mediterranean fair on shared social responsibility and a statement at the Città della scienza, where there will be a meeting with civil society on building a job-rich, knowledge-based economy by developing local resources and focusing on European and Mediterranean events. Gianni Pittella, president of the European Parliament's Socialists and Democrats Group, will also take part.


With this visit, Georges Dassis aims to demonstrate the EESC's full support for and complete solidarity with the fight against organised crime and the work of local civil society organisations, mayors, towns and regions, witnessing with his own eyes their efforts to ensure that assets seized from organised crime are put to another use and to promote a culture of law-abiding behaviour.