Meeting of the Social Economy Category on 1 October 2014

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The "Social Economy" category organised a joint conference with the SOC & INT Sections of the EESC entitled: "Social economy and social innovation as drivers of competitiveness, growth and social well-being: perspecitves and priorities for the new Commission and the European Parliament".

The social economy combines profitability with social inclusion. Social innovation is the first step in the creation of a social enterprise. The potential of the social economy and of social innovation was demonstrated at the joint EC-EESC event 'Social Entrepreneurs: have your say!' of January 2014. This EESC conference took stock of the political achievements over the last five years, discussed how to learn from examples of best practice, and explored priorities for the next five years.





Presentation by Mr Ioakimidis

Presentation by Mr Le Mounier

Presentation by Mr Coheur

Presentation by Mrs Noya

Presentation by Mrs Cook

Presentation by Mr van Meel

Presentation by Mrs Savary

Presentation by Mr Brown

Conference Conclusions