Sociálne podnikanie

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  • Declaration of Strasbourg
  • Objective and method of the project and composition of the project group

    Appendix IX: Objective and method
  • Press and media activities & online communication

    Appendix VIII: Communication
    Social Enterprise press cuts
    Social Enterprise press cuts - Madrid 12.9.2014
  • Reports from events organized at the EESC or attended by EESC members

    Appendix VII: Events
  • Extracts of the different messages posted on the Forum


    Appendix V: Forum
  • Answers to a questionnaire to the EESC Social Economy Category members to collect input and ideas

    Appendix IV: Questionnaire
  • A story telling section with testimonies from social entrepreneurs together with examples of existing social cooperatives

    Appendix III: Storytelling
  • A public hearing with European stakeholders

    Appendix II: Public Hearing
  • Going local reports in different European countries, along with key findings of interest to the EESC

    Appendix I: Going local reports
  • The "Social Economy" Category organised a joint conference with the SOC & INT Sections of the EESC entitled: "Social economy and social innovation as drivers of competitiveness, growth and social well-being: perspecitves and priorities for the new Commission and the European Parliament".

    Presentation by Mr Ioakimidis
    Presentation by Mr Le Mounier
    Presentation by Mr Coheur
    Presentation by Mrs Noya
    Presentation by Mrs Cook
    Presentation by Mr van Meel
    Presentation by Mrs Savary
    Presentation by Mr Brown