Synergies and complementarities in defence sector between member states and industries

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Geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe with the unprovoked war in Ukraine, and various conflict cases that poses severe risks to peace and derails European direction towards economic and political integration, are calling for more efficient coordination and common long-term action in European Union in the field of defence cooperation.

This opinion seeks to investigate aspects and provide recommendations for the better management of the available defence resources, develop synergies across industries, strengthen the ties between neighbouring allies/ partners and increase the production capacity in EU. It is important for civil society and stakeholders to mobilise resources and create new added values in the defence sector in such a manner that will maximise security outcome, by motivating industry to cover its own demand, produce appropriate and modern tools of deterrence and transform these at periods of lower turbulence towards civil protection activities.
This opinion initiative will focus on the analysis of optimal mix of public policies in defence sector that will serve the scope of deterrence, sustainability and cost effectiveness.