In Paris, Georges Dassis will convey the European Appeal of 9 May to President François Hollande

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This Friday 10 June, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Georges Dassis, will go to the Élysée Palace, where he will be received by the French President. Along with nine other signatories, he will promote the Appeal of 9 May for a European renaissance, and is counting on France to lead efforts to relaunch the European project.

With six initiatives to counteract not just the "economic and political, but also moral and cultural marginalisation of Europe" – ranging from European civic education and an "Erasmus secondary school" to the EU's internal security – the appeal urges the "EU institutions and all Member States" to start working on fulfilling the promises set out in this roadmap.

In terms of the migration crisis, the appeal states that "the EU-Turkey deal is not sustainable" and advocates for receiving refugees who are "keen to integrate" and to "accept our values". But the Appeal of 9 May recognises that Europe must improve European citizens' daily lives if they are to accept this policy of openness.

Therefore, in order to relaunch growth and employment in Europe, the statement advocates investing in a "common industrial policy" to develop key sectors such as digital technologies, transport, renewable energy, health, and the cultural and creative industries. The euro area should also be strengthened and stabilised by means of the European Stability Mechanism, a genuine fiscal capacity and a completed Banking Union.

"I am very much counting on the support of President François Hollande to promote these proposals and I am delighted that he has invited me, marking the beginning of a broader movement to reflect and take action at the level of heads of state and government," asserted Georges Dassis. "The appeal is clear: the general interest is not just the sum of national interests. That is my firm belief, as a committed European who is striving to bring EU citizens ever closer together. Together, and in all our diversity, we will build a prosperous and peaceful future."

The delegation to be received at the Élysée will be made up of some of the initial signatories of the appeal: Lionel Baier, Mercedes Bresso, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Georges Dassis, Philippe de Buck, Guillaume Klossa, Maria João Rodrigues, Roberto Saviano, Gesine Schwan, and Guy Verhofstadt. As can be seen, this list includes two members of the European Economic and Social Committee: Georges Dassis, President of the Committee and Member of the Workers' Group, and Philippe de Buck, Member of the Employers' Group.

Photo©présidence de la République/J.Bonet


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