Getting closer to freedom – EESC president’s statement on Libya

Libya revolution 2011Gaddafi's regime is now falling apart and the EU under UN leadership is mobilising to help the Libyan people build a free, open, secure and democratic state. The fight is not over yet, however I do hope for a positive outcome. I salute the determined action taken by the UN and some EU Member States to protect civilians from their dictator's mad fight against his own people.

It is now time for emergency measures to provide for the basic humanitarian needs of the people of Libya. It will then be time for a Libyan-owned process of reconstruction, and the international community, led by the UN, has the responsibility of supporting this process.

As the voice of organised civil society in the EU and deeply committed to cooperation in the region (such as the EUROMED), the EESC urges the international community to help people in Libya to organise themselves. Employers' organisations, trade unions and other associations representing professions, small businesses and other public interests must be developed and encouraged to engage in the democracy-building process. The interests of Libyans must be properly represented and Libyans must have a say in Libya's state affairs. The EESC is also there to help Libyan civil society play a significant role in regional and international cooperation.


Libya needs to move forward with its people and their associations on board!