Donated common medicines to elderly people

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Global Disability Movement

In challenging times, the Bulgarian people are motivated, with a great human strength, in solidarity for mutual assistance and human support. This sense of empathy developed over the centuries has led to practices of survival in crises, national catastrophes and cataclysms. Even now, in the fight against COVID-19, good people are not passive and indifferent.

Now this emergency situation is especially difficult for people over 75. The fight for life is connected to having basic medications to help physical health.

This focus contributed to the idea of GDM donating common medicines that are needed for ordinary infections, which are not harmless for our elderly people. They are also too expensive for many. In such crises, the elderly are the most vulnerable group.

GDM, uniting with dozens of people, raises funds each year and has now distributed packages of drugs to elderly people over 75 years of age who live alone. Strictly observing the requirements of the emergency situation, the GDM teams distributed packages of necessary preventive medications to the homes of elderly people. GDM launched campaigns similar to the American Food Bank for the Bulgarian Auxiliary Bank for Crisis Medications. When you are in quarantine, in poor financial conditions, with a tragic health status and out of the labour market, you always lack money for medications. 

And not because drugs are miraculous, but because, according to a Stanford University study, the brain has a unique ability to amplify, distribute and activate energy with only gestures of positivity and empathy – even without a specific material carrier. This explains the miracles of healing or maintaining health in severe epidemics when someone carries the energy of solidarity or empathy. Here in Bulgaria we have this. It would be wonderful to have this "miracle of togetherness" all the time, without epidemics, crises and cataclysms.

An interesting study finds that over the years 30.3% of Bulgarians have participated voluntarily in donating medications. Young people are more active – 53%, adults are about 14.5%. They mostly support friends and families (43.1%) and donate to their neighbours (51.4%), which suggests that many of them participate in "informal volunteering". It is found that 8.2 - 9.4% of Bulgarians regularly participate actively in voluntary charitable activities.