The President of the European Economic and Social Committee takes part in the 2nd EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform

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The 2nd meeting of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform was held on 11 February 2016, at the EESC in Brussels. It was an opportunity to discuss the progress made on implementing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and two reports, drawn up by the two signatories, were also examined and adopted: one regarding energy policy and the other the rule of law, with emphasis on tackling corruption.


The President of the EESC, Georges Dassis, spoke at the opening session, highlighting that European Neighbourhood Policy is a priority for the EESC in the area of external relations. Moreover, he emphasised that the Committee has followed the association process between the EU and its neighbours in the East closely. He also highlighted that the EESC focused particularly on Ukraine, due to its active commitment, the progress it has made and its courage in pursuing European integration.


Finally, he stressed the importance of tackling corruption and expressed his satisfaction that this was one of the topics being addressed.