Participation of Georges Dassis in the conference "Local skills matter entrepreneurial communities and smart territories"

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The second conference on "Local skills matter entrepreneurial communities and smart territories", took place in Brussels on 9th and 10th of March. In the conference, which was organised by the Committee of the Regions and the European Training Foundation, a European Agency based in Turin, the EESC President participated in the closing remarks session.


Specifically, he stressed that similarly to the concept of civil society, territorial development is a result of a continuous process: "in relation to that context the EESC regularly meets with representatives from civil society such the entrepreneurs, the employers, NGOs, farmers etc., where the European Economic and Social Committee can gather information regarding the difficulties these actors are facing.  Thus, the EESC is particularly attentive and aware of the territorial development of cities but also of the results of these developments in a social context such as the emergence of new forms of governance and socializing."


Finally, Georges Dassis also spoke about areas that are facing particular problems in terms of development such as European islands that have specific characteristics in terms of geographical boundaries with limited access to the mainland or to energy resources and which at the same time must deal with the issue of depopulation. Thus, the EESC President emphasised the importance of employment saying that "the EESC supports the creation of enterprises and the promotion of entrepreneurship, with the aim of creating decent and sustainable jobs".