Let's talk youth, employment and COVID-19!

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Due to immense disruptions on the labour market and tightened hiring policies in many organisations caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, many young Europeans face uncertainty with respect to their professional future. For a whole generation of freshly graduated people, their early professional experience will be dominated by the Covid-19 fallout.

As young Europeans, the trainees of the EESC want to contribute with our webinar to increase awareness and stimulate the debate, spread optimism and create a sense of solidarity and community amongst European graduates, apprentices, job entrants and young professionals during this exceptional time and the months to come.

Scope of the webinar

During our webinar we will discuss the following questions:

  • How are European recent and imminent graduates, apprentices, job entrants and young professionals directly and indirectly affected by the Covid-19 crisis?
  • Do European national governments´ and EU institutions´ crisis response policies address the European youth? Which established EU programs to propel youth employment could be mobilized as a response to the crisis?
  • What are best practices initiatives organized by European civil society, entrepreneurs or social partners to take this crisis as a turning point fueling new and innovative business and employment opportunities?
  • Which lessons should future job entrants draw from this crisis?

We are looking forward to a refreshing and interactive webinar in English language. Speakers will join from very different horizons with the aim of connecting concrete examples from the field with national and European policies.

The webinar will be streamed online on the EESC’s Facebook account, the EESC YEYS Facebook account and the EESC Twitter account, we encourage especially young Europeans as well as other interested stakeholders to join and interact with the speakers, we will answer your questions!