1st Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Public Stakeholders' Forum under the EU-Singapore FTA

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The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) envisages that DAG members of each Party will meet together at a Civil Society Forum to conduct a dialogue encompassing sustainable development aspects of trade relations between the Parties. The Civil Society Forum meets once a year unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, with the venue alternating between Brussels and Singapore.

In the 1st EU-Singapore FTA Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) Public Stakeholders' Forum on 20 November 2020 the focus of the exchange of view will be in the trade-related environment issues, on the one hand, and trade-related labour issues, on the other hand. The Forum envisages also sharing on the discussions that have taken place at the TSD Board meeting on 17 and 18 November.

Information about the TSD Public Stakeholders' Forum is available also on the European Commission's webpage.