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  • The EESC calls for a budget increase and special promotion under Horizon 2020

    The creative sector in Europe has great potential, but it needs more support to fully develop and become a serious competitive player on the world market.  Other branches, including the textile, tourism, automotive, construction, and health industries would also benefit from an ambitious cultural and creative sector. The EESC therefore calls for an increase in the budget and specific financial support under Horizon 2020.

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    The EESC Plenary today highlighted the importance of the collaborative economy and the functional economy as new business models for a more sustainable Europe. But it also called on the Commission to ensure that the collaborative economy does not increase job insecurity and the opportunity for tax avoidance. Nudge thinking is one way to achieve this. The Committee debated a number of key issues affecting Europe's future economic development with Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen. The EESC proposes the development of a new way to regulate and measure a new economy with different standards. The time has come for Europe to begin an economic transition from over-exploitation of ...

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