Egalitatea între femei și bărbați

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  • In this issue:

    • Exploring New Role Models for Societies in Europe
    • The Western Balkans - Where is their Place?
    • Debating the Liberal Professions in the age of digitalisation
    • Fundamental Rights and the Rule of law - Trends in the EU from civil society perspective
    • 4th European Justice Stakeholders' Forum Annual Plenary - Rights under threat?
    Diversity Europe Group Newsletter - December 2019
  • In this issue: 

    •  Overview of the Extraordinary Group III meeting in Finland
    •  Empowering Women through International Trade 
    •  Reflections on the EESC media seminar in Malaga
    •  Upcoming events in November: New Role Models for Societies in Europe & Day of the Liberal Professions 
    Diversity Europe Group newsletter - October 2019
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