Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP)

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Summary of the initiative

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Society of European Affairs Professionals (SEAP)
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Increase transparency and accountability of public affairs professionals. Founded in 1997 SEAP is an organisation open to all EU affairs professionals, regardless of nationality, country of residence or the interests they represent (individuals working with a consultancy, trade association or a non-governmental association…). The original 1997 code has been revised among other things to introduce a procedure for non-compliance. Adopted in 2006 this code is similar to the one adopted in 2005 by EPACA (see EPACA fiche). There is some membership overlap between SEAP and EPACA. Acceptance of the code of conduct comes with SEAP membership. (Note: SEAP also states that "any procedure should be limited to dealing with non-compliance by SEAP members who have agreed to uphold the code of conduct", which suggests that not all SEAP members are bound by the code). The EU Transparency Register features a Code of Conduct to which all registrants must sign up. EPACA is registered in the Transparency Register.

Description of the Initiative

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