Letter of solidarity towards Croatian workers

Brussels, 15 October 2018

To Mladen Novosel
Zagreb - Croatia

Dear President, dear Mladen

The upcoming protest against the pension reform taking place in Zagreb on 20th October under the slogan Dozivi niirovinu! I tebe se tice!-calls the Croatian citizens to fight for a retirement age which cannot be from "work to cemetery". You are defending not only decent conditions of work, but a fundamental right for all workers, old and young.

The Workers' Group supports our Croatian brothers and sisters in this protest. It is a struggle that we share: fair pensions matter to all Europeans.

We are united in defending the fundamental rights and the social model we have gathered in years and years of fights in Europe.

The Croatian Government has refused to negotiate the pension reforms with the trade unions. This is a democratic principle that nobody can deny.

In Croatia and in all EU Member States we need good jobs for all workers, a decent life and a decent pension for a well-deserved retirement after years of work.

We call on the European Institutions to fulfill with the EU treaty and to ask the Croatian Government to change its reforms and negotiate with trade unions for fair pensions for all workers in Croatia.


In solidarity,


Gabriele Bischoff

Work organisation


Letter of solidarity towards Croatian workers