Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)









Registration and badges distribution starting at 9 am

Opening remarks by the co-chair Mr Georgi Stoev


  1. Introduction about the EU strategy in the area of CSR and division of competencies between the EU, the Member States and the relevant stakeholders – Pedro Ortún, European Commission, DG GROW
  2. Exchange of information and examples of good practice, including National Action Plans or strategies, related to the existing policy in the area of CSR in the EU Member States and the Republic of Korea
  • The case of the Netherlands – Marjan Schippers, Dutch ‎Ministry of General Affairs and  Bernedine Bos, MVO Nederland (Knowledge Centre)
  • CSR initiatives and good practices – Dr Ho-Geun Lee, Korea DAG, Professor at Chon-buk National University, Law School
  • CSR practices of multinational enterprises and eco-friendly management – Ji-Won Ha, Korea DAG, President of Ecomom Korea, Environmental Organization
  1. Exchange of information and examples of good practice related to the existing policy and measures in the area of Business and Human Rights, including the national Action Plans where they exist
  • Chang-Geun Lee, Korea DAG, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, Policy Bureau, Director
  • Tomislav Ivančić, Shift
  1. National Contact Points (NCPs) under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, presentation of structure and operation of a few chosen NCPs
  • Representative of the French NCP – Maylis Souque
  • Representative of the Swedish NCP – Kristin Pålsson
  • Representative of the Dutch NCP - Sylvia Tuin
  • Representative of the Norwegian NCP - Ola Mestad

Closing remarks by the co-chairs Mr Georgi Stoev and Mr Kiu-Sik Bae


Sweden NCP
Norwegian NCP
French NCP
Dutch NCP