Luca Jahier, EESC President

Culture can help us overcome the current systemic, political and identity crisis in Europe and dare us to dream, to create new perspectives. For we need to start dreaming again, without being bridled by fear of failure. Perhaps this, as well, is a lesson we can learn from Leonardo da Vinci: many of Leonardo's inventions did not work, but they inspired many generations to search for new solutions. What we see as challenges are only steps in a successful way forward.

Statement by
Luca Jahier, EESC President

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the EU body representing European civil society, firmly condemns Turkey's military operation in North-East Syria. As representatives of civil society, we are deeply concerned about the humanitarian costs of this intervention and urge the Turkish government to stop all military action immediately.

Declaration by
Luca Jahier, EESC President and Stefano Mallia, Chair of the Brexit Follow-up Group

Following the proposal on the Irish backstop made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently transmitted to Jean Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, the EESC President Luca Jahier and the Chair of the Brexit Follow-up Group Stefano Mallia have issued a joint declaration.


Just back from Hungary, it is hard not to view the historic series of events, which led to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall through the lens of the present. Hungary has played an outstanding and courageous role in the dismantling of borders and barriers on our continent, allowing Europe to grow together, to further the European project of unity, peace and prosperity.