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Participants in YEYS 2019
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Uma disciplina curricular obrigatória sobre a política europeia para aprofundar o conhecimento dos cidadãos antes de votarem — eis a proposta mais votada na edição de 2019 de «A tua Europa, a tua voz!», o evento para a juventude organizado pelo Comité Económico e Social Europeu (CESE), em 21 e 22 de março de 2019. Esta e as outras três propostas selecionadas, centradas na utilização das novas tecnologias e das redes sociais para aumentar a participação nas eleições europeias, serão enviadas ao Parlamento Europeu para apreciação.

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Better scrutiny and management of food waste, an internationally agreed European history curriculum to combat nationalism, and better knowledge of the EU via the creation of a European day for schools. These were the main recommendations made to policy-makers by the students who took part in Your Europe, Your Say! (YEYS) to overcome the challenges the EU is facing.

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33 schools from across Europe to come to Brussels to discuss the future of the EU. Today the EESC selected the schools which will be participating in this year's edition of Your Europe Your Say!, its flagship event for youth. In 2017, the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome will be the theme of the Committee’s annual "Your Europe, Your Say!" youth event, offering young people from around Europe the opportunity to share their ideas about the EU of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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According to Eurostat figures, in May 2016 there were 4,197 million unemployed young people (18.6%) in the EU-28. Although an improvement on the previous year (20.3%), the figure remains appalling and shows that the threat of a "lost generation", which has loomed large since the beginning of the economic and financial crisis, is still hanging dangerously over Europe. Despite this, businesses across the EU are struggling to find young people with the skills they need.