Hydrogen – infrastructure, development needs, financing, use and limits

Practical information:

Composition of the Study Group

Giorgia BORDIGNON (administrator), Virginie ANDRÉ (assistant)

TEN Section: 18 July 2024

EESC Plenary: 18-19 September 2024



Green hydrogen is an important building block of the energy transition towards renewable energy sources. Fundamental structural changes have been proposed for the electricity and gas markets, and new initiatives have been adopted to promote the emergence of green hydrogen markets, the latest example the design of the EU Hydrogen Bank in 2023.

Against this backdrop, the development of hydrogen infrastructure, the financing of this infrastructure, as well as the use of hydrogen and the limits of this use, need to be clarified as soon as possible, this will be the aims of this Own Initiative Opinion, framed in the 2024 TEN Section Work Programme.