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The Union customs code is facing situations for which it was not conceived, notably e-commerce. The revision of the Union customs legislation will aim at improving the controls of e-commerce to the benefit of tax payers  and citizens products.

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Jul 12, 2023 Jul 13, 2023

The heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) sector is responsible for more than a quarter of GHG emissions from road transport in the EU and for over 6% of total EU GHG emissions. In 2019, GHG emissions from HDVs were 44% and 37% higher than emissions from total aviation and maritime transport respectively.

The HDV CO2 emission standards are key drivers for reducing CO2 emissions in the sector. The general objective of the Commission proposal is to provide new emission standards to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the shift to zero-emission mobility in the broader context of increased EU climate ambition by 2030 and EU climate neutrality by 2050.