Digital healthcare / health insurance

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Parecer do CESE: Digital healthcare / health insurance

Key points

The EESC believes that equal access to healthcare, one of the main objectives of health policies, can benefit from digital support provided certain conditions are met:

  • equal geographical coverage;
  • bridging the digital divide in terms of use by the public, health professionals and stakeholders in health insurance schemes;
  • interoperability among the various components of the digital architecture (databases, medical devices);
  • protection of health data which must under no circumstances be used to the detriment of patients.

The EESC also highlights the need to:

  • develop and facilitate people's digital health literacy to encourage a critical approach to health information;
  • guarantee good quality information in the field of health, particularly by encouraging labelling/accreditation procedures for health applications;
  • bolster the relationship of trust between patients, health professionals and stakeholders in health insurance schemes;
  • introduce a training system suited to health service users and health professionals alike;
  • support the development of a nomenclature of reimbursable treatments and well-being services by taking account of technical innovations made possible by digitisation.

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