Meeting with Antonio Tajani - President of the European Parliament

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After this event, Group III President Arno Metzler and Spokespersons Marina Elvira Calderone and Rudolf Kolbe met with the President of the European Parliament Antonio TAJANI. They jointly discussed the next steps to infiltrate the common definition of liberal professions in the European law making process, in order to fully unfold their potential and thus improve the competitiveness of EU economy. Within this framework, President Tajani also underlined the importance of Liberal Professions in creating jobs especially for young people. 

'Liberal Professions are a rampart against populism', said the President talking about the coming European elections. 

The ongoing study carried out on Societies outside metropolises - The role of Civil Society Organizations in facing populism under the request of Group III Diversity Europe will certainly contribute to shed light on the issues linked to populist vote and anti-European movements.