Innovative Food

On the eve of the European Parliament’s 9th term, civil society engages with food policy instigating a debate on priorities and the food system’s capability to foster innovation. The challenges for Europe’s food security are daunting. The onslaught of climate change will soon be felt; environmental degradation currently pressures the food system. Diversification of food sources is mandatory in guaranteeing food security. The European Commission’s Directorate General "Research & Innovation" sketched an agenda "Food 2030", while the Commission’s scientific adviser, the Joint Research Centre, considers priorities for "Food 2050". What must be done in the next legislature 2019-2024 to tackle the manifold problems in the food chain?

The EESC’s Temporary Study Group on Sustainable Food, together with the Food Lawyers’ Network - FLN, invites you for an one-day conference on innovation in food. Business as usual is not an option, so what are the options for policy makers? In the grand scheme of things, the devil lies in the detail. Therefore, one needs to consider how far does the regulatory framework need to evolve in order to make innovation possible?

With high-levels speakers, including from the European Commission, and a multitude of expertise gathered in the conference room, there will be a focus on market access for regulated products, especially novel food and on science against food fraud as well as intellectual property for food including patents and data protection.