Facilitating access to climate finance for non-state actors

In 2018, the EESC called for a "European Dialogue on Non-State Climate Action" to strengthen and increase the scope and scale of European-based non-state climate action. Such dialogue should not only highlight and showcase actions, but also respond to the needs of non-state actors by, among others, facilitating access to finance. The EESC's own-initiative opinion looks into how access to finance for non-state climate actors can be facilitated.

Small to medium scale financing, can be difficult to access for bottom-up projects. External financial support could unlock more and more effective climate action. The ke! y is not only to provide finance, but also for existing financing mechanisms to be unambiguous and easy to access.

The purpose of this public hearing was to:

  • take stock of the EU climate finance architecture,
  • discuss bottlenecks in climate finance access for local actors and
  • propose solutions on how to unlock more and better climate action by adopting collaborative approaches to climate finance.