Statement by
Christa Schweng and Cristian Pîrvulescu

On 13 July, the European Commission issued its third report on the Rule of Law , which covers developments in all EU Member States since July 2021. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has always been a staunch supporter of the Rule of Law Review Mechanism and it now looks forward to Member States implementing the report's recommendations in close cooperation with organised civil society.

Statement by
EESC President Christa Schweng

One year on, 7 plenaries and 12 Citizens' Panels later, we can draw a line and state that a positive step has been taken for participatory democracy. The Conference on the Future of Europe has empowered ordinary Europeans, along with policy-makers, to deliver 300 practical recommendations aimed at shaping our future for the better. ...

Statement by
President Christa Schweng
European Economic and Social Committee

The EESC continues to deliver on its commitment to a policy of zero tolerance for harassment, finding fair agreements with victims and renewing apologies to victims previously identified by OLAF.