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The President's team



Amir Ghoreishi

Tel: +32 2 546 8986

Amir [dot] Ghoreishiateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Head of Cabinet

  • Management of the Cabinet
  • Strategy and HR
  • Interinstitutional and Stakeholder Relations
  • Relations with Groups and Secretariat General



Katarzyna Novak

Tel: +32 2 546 8957

+32 475 999 581

katarzyna [dot] novakateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Spokesperson and Member of Cabinet

  • Communication strategy
  • Media activities of the President
  • Relations with press
  • Relations with Directorate D (Communication and Interinstitutional Relations)



Charles Manoury

Tel: +32 460 75 52 43

Charles [dot] Manouryateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Member of Cabinet

  • International relations (relations with third countries and international organisations, e.g., United Nations, International Labour Organization, World Trade Organization)
  • Inter-institutional relations (including EU 2024 elections, Defence of Democracy Package, involvement of EU citizens, relation with National Economic and Social Councils and Civil Society)
  • Foresight, relation with think tanks and academia, EU treaties revision
  • Digital Transition and Single Market Observatory



Matteo Groff

Tel: +32 2 546 8388

matteo [dot] groffateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Assistant - Budget and Internal Matters

  • Support to the Vice-President responsible for Financial and Budgetary Affairs
  • Preparation of the Enlarged Presidency meetings
  • Cabinet's contact person for Bureau and Plenary meetings



Layla Reiter

Tel: +32 475 999 573

layla [dot] reiterateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Member of Cabinet

  • Youth engagement (EU Youth Test, EESC Youth Delegates, Youth Advisors Council)
  • Agriculture, rural development, environment and sustainable development
  • Transport, energy, infrastructure, information society
  • Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law (Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law Ad Hoc Group)



Gabriela Lind

Tel: +32 470 89 22 47

gabriela [dot] lindateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Assistant to the Vice-President for Communication

  • Activities and meetings of the Vice-President for Communication
  • Communication Commission (COCOM)
  • Relations with Directorate D



Imke Van Hooijdonk

Tel: +32 497 485 129

imke [dot] vanhooijdonkateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Personal Assistant to the President

  • Managing President's agenda & event participation
  • Coordination of briefings
  • Meeting authorization requests (Agora)
  • Correspondence (Adonis)



Paola Gosio

Tel: +32 475 999 582

Paola [dot] Gosioateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)

Social Media Adviser to the President

  • Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • Website (President's webpage)
  • Communication Strategy
  • Visual content development & coordination



Anna Khatchatrian

Tel: +32 2 546 9531

Anna [dot] Khatchatrianateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu (email)


Assistant to the Head of Cabinet

  • Assistance to the Head of Cabinet
  • Correspondence
  • Adonis
  • HR correspondent
  • Coordination with the EESC Protocol