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Reasserting Europe's values - EESC Civil Society Media Seminar - 2018

The role of civil society in protecting, promoting and reinforcing our heritage of values in view of the upcoming European elections

The European Economic and Social Committee's 12th Civil Society Media Seminar will look at European values as part of Europe's heritage. In the run-up to European elections, panellists will discuss the challenges and burning issues which are stirring contemporary Europe, such as multiculturalism, declining solidarity, growing nationalism and illiberalism. Together with communication professionals, they will explore what civil society can do to foster a Europe which upholds its heritage of values - respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

Debates will take the shape of three thematic panels:

  • European values vs extreme ideologies
  • Is liberal democracy in danger and what does this mean for Europe?
  • The future role of organised civil society in defending a democratic, value-based, united Europe.

The seminar is principally directed to journalists, communications and media experts and press officers from civil society organisations representing employers, workers and other social, occupational, economic and cultural organisations across Europe.

Participation is on invitation only.