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"The EU speaks your language"

We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first legal regulation determining the languages to be used by the European Economic Community.

On Wednesday 19 September 2018, at 13h00, the European Economic and Social Committee presents an exhibition entitled "The EU speaks your language", on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first legal act of the EC/EU, Regulation 1/58, with the four languages which are recognized as official languages of the Community (Dutch, French, German and Italian).

The event will be followed by discussion about the role of the languages in the EU, with special participation of distinguished French philosopher and philologist Barbara Cassin, member of the Académie française, moderated by Isabel Caño, Vice-President for Communication. President Luca Jahier will be also present.

For the EESC, the reason for holding this exhibition is to pay tribute to the first Regulation of 1958, and to show how it still contributes to modern EU citizens' lives, enabling them to live and work in their native languages without linguistic borders or limitations.

The exhibition consists of a series of panels presenting the history of Regulation 1/1958 and how historically the development of the European Union has been supporting fundamental values such as equality, diversity, and multilingualism.

The exhibition is one of the events being held by the EESC to mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage and is being organised in cooperation with the Directorate for Translation of the European Economic and Social Committee and European Committee of the Regions.

Venue: EESC – JDE building, Rue Belliard 99 – Atrium 6.