Liaison Group Newsletter February 2022

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What does shared prosperity mean for Europe? 

The Civil Society Days 2022 are approaching. In less than a month, we will gather key civil society groups, and policy and decision-makers from across Europe, to discuss the EU as a driver of shared prosperity – civil society for an economy that works for people and the planet. But what does prosperity mean to us? A society based on European values, democracy, inclusivity and solidarity is a prerequisite for prosperity. Cooperation and solidarity should be at the heart of public policies and international relations in order for prosperity to become a reality for all. Increased inequalities within countries and between countries open avenues to regressive populism, to racism and other forms of discrimination that result in divisions and conflicts between citizens and groups of citizens. In order to bring prosperity to Europe, these kinds of divisions and lack of equal opportunities must be eliminated through suitable public policies and responsible employment and business activities based on openness, inclusion, human rights, fairness and a sense of a shared future and common good.