Enabled the dialogue with the authorities and created projects to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic

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Disabled People's Organisations Denmark

The main activities of Disabled People's Organisations Denmark during the pandemic can be split into two categories.

Firstly, dialogue with the authorities, which has enabled the latter to make sure the concerns of people with disabilities are being heard and taken into account, for example in regard to communication (e.g. ensuring the use of sign language and non-digital information), lockdowns (e.g. taking care of those living in an institutionalised setting or isolated at home) and vaccination priority (e.g. at-risk groups and those who, due to their disability, cannot take the proper precautions). The dialogue has also enabled us to help our member organisations (disability organisations) to better understand the vast amount of information provided by the authorities.

The second category relates to projects and partnerships aiming to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic for persons with disabilities. The Danish government has set aside funds for these activities and we have channelled them to our member organisations, who have established concrete projects for their specific target groups (type of disability). Some funds have also been made available, for example, for jointly finding/developing digital solutions that might work best for persons with disabilities.

On this website you will find examples of the projects carried out and the campaign video showing that disability can be many different things and that we are stronger together: https://handicap.dk/staerkere-sammen.