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Spokesperson Mira-Maria Danisman presents the EESC MSMEs, Crafts and Family Business Category

My name is Mira-Maria Danisman. I am the new spokesperson of the MSMEs, crafts and family business category in the European Economic and social committee. This vibrant category brings together members from the Employers'  and the Civil Society Organisations' who are passionate about small businesses.

Our top priority in the Category is to keep a watchful eye on all things related to Micro, small and medium sized enterprise policy. We're especially tuned in to the unique needs of crafts and family businesses. We're here to make sure they get the attention and support they deserve from the European policy-makers.

The past decade has been a true test of strength for MSMEs. They've encountered a series of extreme challenges: navigating the of COVID-19 restrictions, grappling with high inflation and rising financing costs, overcoming disruptions in supply chains, and facing the ongoing struggle to find skilled workers. Despite it all, these businesses have shown remarkable determination and resilience.

But for MSMEs to thrive, they need more than just determination - they require a nurturing environment to foster their growth. It's time for us to roll up our sleeves and provide them with the support they need.