A European Sustainable Development Civil Society Forum

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EESC opinion: A European Sustainable Development Civil Society Forum

Key points:

The Sustainable Development Forum, recommended by the EESC, will facilitate the dialogue and communication between the European institutions and non-governmental stakeholders and between non-governmental stakeholders from different constituencies on progress towards sustainable development in the EU. It will raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda, provide an informed debate and foster ownership on all sides involved.

The Committee is convinced that organising the Forum would be practically feasible and beneficial for the various parties involved. This is based on an in-depth investigation in this opinion, including hearings and meetings where stakeholders expressed support for the idea of establishing the Forum, and considering the very successful example of the European Migration Forum.

The Forum must be well embedded in the processes of SDG implementation, monitoring and review. The composition should be as inclusive as possible without compromising the possibilities to manage and operate the Forum efficiently. It should also be open to grassroots initiatives in sustainable development. The participation of the European Commission at a high level is crucial and representatives from the Council of the EU and the Parliament will be invited.


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