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  • Towards EU food sovereignty

    In this issue:

    • Our members address the issue of EU food sovereignty with a view to the group's conference on 26 September 2023
    • Guest articles by Morgan Ody (Farmer in Brittany and General Coordinator of La Via Campesina), Marco Pierani (Director of Public Affairs at Euroconsumers) and Karen Ciesielski (CEO of Irish Environmental Network)
    • Interview on the action plan to conserve fisheries resources and protect marine ecosystems and the decarbonisation of the fishing fleet with rapporteur Javier Garat
    • Announcements of our upcoming conferences
    Civil Society Organisations' Bulletin - September 2023
  • In this issue:

    • Members' proposals and demands for the future of food
    • Guest articles by Monique Goyens, Director General of BEUC, and Marta Massa, Director of the European Office, Slow Food Europe
    • Members' comments on current affairs #StandWithUkraine #EUtaxonomy #CoFoE
    • Report on our recent conference on 'Climate Change and Energy Transition'
    Diversity Europe Newsletter - March 2022
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