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European Commission

Economic governance review (Communication of the European Commission)

Commission presents review of EU economic governance and launches debate on its future (European Commission - Press release, February 2020)

Economic governance review: Questions and answers (European Commission, February 2020)

The EU's economic governance explained (European Commission - Fact Sheet)

Stability and Growth Pact: Commission issues guidance to encourage structural reforms and investment (European Commission - Press release, January 2015)

European Parliament

Economic Dialogue with the European Commission on EU Fiscal Surveillance (In-depth analysis, March 2021)

The Euro area fiscal stance (Briefing, April 2021)

Recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area (In-depth analysis, February 2021)

Rethinking Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the Post-COVID Euro Area (European Parliament, In-depth analysis, November 2020)

Fiscal-Monetary Interactions in the Euro Area: Assessing the Risks (European Parliament, November 2020)

The European Semester for economic policy coordination: A reflection paper (European Parliament – study, October 2019)


Draft Council recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area (Council, 8 January 2021)

Main outcomes of Informal video conference of economic and finance ministers (Council, 16 April 2021)

Main outcomes of Euro Summit, 26 March 2021 (Council)

Main results from Eurogroup meeting of 15 March 2021 (European Council, Eurogroup)

Eurogroup statement on the euro area fiscal policy response to the COVID-19 crisis and the path forward (European Council, Eurogroup, 15 March 2021)

Main results from Eurogroup meeting of 3 November 2020 (European Council, Eurogroup)

Eurogroup statement on COVID-19 developments this autumn (European Council, Eurogroup, Press release, 3 November 2020)

European Central Bank

The euro area financial sector in the pandemic crisis (ECB, Speech by Vice-president Luis de Guindos, 16 November 2020)

Monetary policy in a pandemic emergency (ECB, Speech by President Christine Lagarde, 11 November 2020)

The monetary policy strategy review: some preliminary considerations (ECB, Speech by President Christine Lagarde, 30 September 2020)

European Fiscal Board

2020 annual report of the European Fiscal Board (European Fiscal Board, October 2020)

Think tanks and other organisations

Europe’s debate on fiscal policy (CEPS, April 2020)

A K-shaped recovery and the role of fiscal policy (Bruegel, March 2021)

European fiscal rules require a major overhaul (Bruegel, October 2018)

Reforming the EU fiscal framework (Bruegel, September 2018)