Proposal for a Regulation on substantiating environmental claims using the Product/Organisation Environmental Footprint methods (green claims)

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The Commission's Legislative proposal on substantiating green claims will cover claims made on any of the environmental impacts covered by the Environmental Footprint methods and on claims on overall environmental performance. Environmental claims are any explicit environmental information on products / services or companies, including labels/ logos and text, in whichever form it is provided (e.g. website, brochure, on shelf, television, radio etc.).

Today it is indeed difficult for consumers, companies and other market actors to make sense of the many environmental labels and initiatives on the environmental performance of products and companies. There are more than 200 environmental labels active in the EU, and more than 450 active worldwide. Some of these methods and initiatives are reliable, some not; they are variable in the issues they cover.

Another issue is greenwashing – companies giving a false impression of their environmental impact or benefits. Greenwashing misleads market actors and does not give due advantage to those companies that are making the effort to green their products and activities.

It is important that claims on the environmental performance of companies and products are reliable, comparable and verifiable across the EU. Reliable environmental information would allow market actors – consumers, companies, investors – to take greener decisions.

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