Created a local shopping service and neighbourhood support team for seniors

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Austrian Federal Group of Christian Trade Unionists (FCG)

In my local area of Wiener Neudorf the municipality, in cooperation with general practitioners, is offering a new service for all residents over 65 years of age. Residents can call their doctors or write an email to them. When the doctor issues a prescription, it is picked up by municipal employees and handed over to the pharmacy, which then prepares the medication. The employees then deliver the medication to the patient and the patient receives the invoice at a later date. This service is entirely free of charge. We have also set up a shopping service with the assistance of the scouts for people over 65 years of age who cannot rely on family or private help and who need essential food items. This service is also free of charge. Finally, we have created a "neighbourhood help team" where people make themselves available to help isolated single persons, for example by calling them or taking their dog for a walk. We all hope to return to normality after the crisis in the near future. But for now the watchword is: Stay healthy! Stay at home!