Official visit of Georges Dassis to Spain

The President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Georges Dassis, held an official visit to Spain from 23 to 26 of February, where he met with representatives of CCOO and UGT unions, the Council of Consumers and Users and the Confederation of business Organisations. During these meetings Georges Dassis had fruitful discussions especially on the theme of Social Europe, addressing to the leaders of these civil society organisations the EESC's proposals.

On February 24, Georges Dassis participated in the Plenary Session of the Economic and Social Council of Spain. After a meeting with the ESC President, Mr. Marcos Pena Pinto, he addressed the members of the Council mentioning the necessity to establish a European Minimum Income in Europe in order to combat poverty. Moreover, he emphasised on the importance of creating a social pillar in the European Monetary Union in the framework of Social Europe. In addition, and regarding the migration and refugee crises, he stressed that it is very important for the EU to remain loyal to its principles and values and to treat all migrants and refugees with respect to human rights.

During the last two days of his visit, Georges Dassis had the opportunity to participate in a debate organised by the University of Extremadura in Caceres about "The Future of Europe and the Social Dialogue" while he also met with the President of the Economic and Social Council of Extremadura, Ms Maria Mercedes Vaquera. In these meetings he has been particularly able to explain the EESC's proposal for a minimum income in Europe, funded by European Social Fund and defend the values ​​of solidarity and freedom of movement in the European Union, referring to the EESC campaign in support of the Schengen agreement. Finally, George Dassis highlighted the importance of protecting those who are affected by the economic crisis the most.