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Elevii români au un cuvânt de spus cu privire la migrația în Europa

Pregătirile pentru dezbaterea tinerilor europeni încep, la 26 februarie, cu vizita CESE la școala anume selectată din Iași


EESC public hearing on the revision of the ECI instrument on 22 February 2016

"Not just nice words and high ideals, but a concrete tool must be built"this was the original idea of an instrument allowing citizens "to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where citizens consider that a legal act of the Union is required…" laid down in Article 11 of the Lisbon Treaty. 


The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan is necessary for speeding up the transformation of Europe's energy system, insists the EESC in its opinion on the SET Plan, adopted during the February plenary session. The EESC believes that the new energy policy should be based on developing key sectors for research and innovation and on encouraging new ideas and concepts such as renewable power generation technologies and other low-carbon technologies. The EU has to innovate in terms of how energy is produced and transported, how it is delivered and serviced to customers.


Čeští studenti budou moci vyjádřit své názory na migraci v Evropě

Přípravy na debatu evropské mládeže odstartují dne 26. února návštěvou EHSV ve vybrané škole, kterou je Gymnázium Brno-Řečkovice


Committee calls for swift action and creativity in solving the job crisis 

In view of the worrying job situation and faltering investment in many parts of Europe, at its 17 March plenary session, the European Economic and Social Committee adopted an opinion on the 2016 annual growth survey (AGS). The EESC is particularly concerned about the high level of unemployment, leaving 22.5 million people without a job. Moreover, nearly a quarter or 122 million Europeans are at risk of poverty or social exclusion – which, according to the EESC, is unacceptable and is the final wake-up call for both the Commission and European leaders.