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In supporting a proposed EU strategy for the Schengen area, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has called for more action to be taken to protect the EU's freedoms and rights in the face of human-rights violations at its external frontiers. The EESC is worried about the reintroduction of internal border controls by some Member States, and strongly deplores the slow progress in fully including Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania in the Schengen area.


The European Economic and Social committee (EESC) has participated in the ongoing public debate with a hearing on non-standard employment and platform cooperatives. It discussed platform cooperatives' role in promoting the business motivations, ecosystems, bargaining power and social rights of "freelancers".


Disregard for social and economic rights, restrictions placed on fundamental rights with no end date, broad emergency measures adopted in haste and allowing little scrutiny by parliaments, the judiciary, and civil society - all these contribute to the erosion of public trust in public policies, which can have serious repercussions not only for people's health but also for the health of our democracies, an EESC hearing warned


Recente gebeurtenissen als gevolg van COVID-19, extreem weer dat door de ontregeling van het klimaat wordt veroorzaakt, cyberaanvallen en de brexit tonen aan dat het zaak is onze prioriteiten bij te stellen en onze voedselsystemen weerbaarder en duurzamer te maken door de autonomie ervan te vergroten. Voedselzekerheid is voor veel EU-burgers geen vanzelfsprekendheid.


Taking stock of how EU Member States are combating energy poverty in their recovery plans: this was the objective of an event organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), showcasing examples of national recovery efforts and bringing civil society representatives together to monitor their progress.