Contribution to the Commission’s 2017 Work programme

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By Cinzia Del Rio

Expressing its deep concern about the state of the EU. Concrete action is needed to overcome the widespread sense of mistrust of European citizens towards the EU integration process. The Brexit and how the European Institutions will manage the negotiation process with UK create a difficult environment of uncertainty about the future of EU which have institutional, political, economic and social implications that the Commission is called to address with clear policies.

The refugee crisis requires urgent humanitarian action in a spirit of solidarity among member States, but the EU has to move firmly towards a Common Asylum System without jeopardizing the Schengen Agreement and assuring the legitimate request of security of European citizens.

Besides, demanding the Commission to focus its 2017 Work Programme on three strategic areas:

a) strengthening the economic and social cohesion of the EU with an investment plan that stimulates innovation, growth and quality jobs and completing the Single Market;

b) strengthening the EU’s global role with a strong common foreign policy integrating UN SDGs in the policy areas of EU external action and with a trade policy based on transparent and fair negotiations safeguarding EU standards and public services;

c) strengthening citizens’ ownership of the EU ensuring participation and involvement of civil society organisations in the design and implementation of EU policies and building a systematic dialogue with their repesentatives