CIVIL SOCIETY PRIZE 2016 on MIGRATION - EESC to reward outstanding civil society initiatives

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For nearly two years the large and unprecedented flow of refugees from war-torn or underdeveloped countries to the European Union has heavily impacted Europe's political and social life. Providing food and shelter for the masses of refugees reaching the EU, familiarising them with the new realities and cultural differences as well as supporting them through their integration process was and still is a major challenge which the concerned Member States could only face thanks to the spontaneous and overwhelming support of citizens and civil society in general.

The EESC Civil Society Prize 2016 wishes to reward civil society organisations and/or individuals who have made a significant contribution in taking on this challenge by helping refugees and migrants and thus promoting European values and cohesion. More specifically, the 2016 Civil Society Prize will reward initiatives which have already been implemented or are still ongoing and which meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Provide migrants/refugees with first responses and immediate relief;
  • Provide social support, housing and health services;
  • Offer practical support and advice;
  • Combat xenophobia, racism and discrimination;
  • Combat exploitation and promote mutual respect;
  • Raise awareness of rights and obligations;
  • Provide training for third-country nationals and receiving communities.

The full list of requirements as well as the application form are available on our webpage - 2016 EESC Civil Society Prize. Candidates' applications must be sent directly to the EESC.

The prize, which has a total value of EUR 50 000 to be shared between up to 5 winners, will be awarded on 15 December 2016. It is open to civil society organisations officially registered within the EU and acting at European, national, regional or local level. It is also open to individuals.

We invite eligible organisations and individuals who have carried out valuable projects to apply for the EESC Civil Society Prize 2016.

The deadline for submission of applications is 9 September 2016.