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9 a.m.             Registration of participants

9.30 a.m.        Opening by Oliver Röpke, President of the permanent study group on Social Economy Enterprises

9.40 a.m.        Presentation of the opinion by the rapporteur, Giuseppe Guerini

9.50 a.m.        Guy Tchami, ILO

10 a.m.           Marie Boscher, European Commission

10.10 a.m.      Debate

10.35 a.m.      Coffee break

10.50 a.m.      Simona Binello, Consorzio Agorà, Genova

11 a.m.           Gabriela Sonnleitner, Magda's Hotel, Vienna

11.10 a.m.      Nathanaël Molle, Singa/Waya, Montpellier

11.20 a.m.      Fabienne Colling, Touchpoints, Luxembourg

11.30 a.m.      Tim De Mey, Comunità di Sant'Egidio, Brussels

11.40 a.m.      Debate

12.30 p.m.      Conclusions