A strategic vision on energy transition to enable sustainable development

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Practical information

  • Composition of the Study Group
  • Administrator: Layla REITER; Assistant: Daniel MAKAY
  • Foreseen for the TEN Section: 4 October
  • Foreseen for the EESC plenary session: 26-27 October 2022

Background and objectives of the own-initiative opinion

The European Green Deal aims to overcome climate change and environmental degradation by transforming the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. The transition to a climate-neutral society is both an urgent challenge and an opportunity to build resilient competitive economies and inclusive equitable societies, notably in the framework of the post-pandemic effort for recovery and resilience. A clean energy transition is at the core of this transformational change. Certainly, a clean energy transition is a crucial enabler of sustainable development and climate resilience.

The EESC aims to contribute to the strategic vision on energy transition in the EU and international contexts. A vision which creates an enabling environment for a fair and inclusive energy transition. The own-initiative will be based on EESC opinions covering different angles of the energy transition.

The own-initiative opinion would address the following aspects:

  • The energy transition as an overarching strategy in the EU and international contexts
  • Creating an enabling environment for energy transition 
  • Promoting a fair and inclusive transition